Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two additional recent miracles by St. Paisios

1. "I, six years ago", a young man confessed to many, "was an anarchist. I wore earrings and took drugs. One of my friends had a book on Elder Paisios.

In December of 1996, this friend of mine was found at the bookstore of Souroti Monastery, where there was a couple with their little girl, and their father, two middle-aged women, and a young man. Straightaway, there was heard a loud cry. One of the middle-aged women, who was a large woman, collapsed to the floor and began to hit and cry out wildly. She swung her head here and there. The sight was truly terrible. The woman with the little child went out, while the rest approached her to try to help her. The woman bellowed and said with a wild, unbelievable and male voice: "I will take care of you guys who don't believe, I will show you...Now, a short time more and I will put the 666 on all your hands...You will all worship me...You losers and idiots..." and other insults.

Then she began to sputter and appeared afraid. "Paisios, don't burn me, don't burn me. You want to send me back to Tartarus...And this loser brings me to all these monasteries...why are you helping her? You're burning me, you're burning me." And she squealed even louder. She was hitting herself so strongly that we were afraid that she would break her skull. It was clear that she was being troubled by a demon.

"A...aaah" she cried again, "Now Maria has come too...you're burning me, Paisios." She let out a loud cry and became motionless, as if she fainted.

Those standing around approached tentatively to help her, while the women covered her with their clothes. As soon as she was settled, they lifted her up from the floor. She had opened her eyes and cried calmly and silently. She gave thanks from the depth of her heart. "I thank you, Elder...I thank you, my God. She said this over and over again with great gratitude.

She got up and went before an icon of Christ and Panagia and let out loud cried: "My God...My God. How did you accept me, who am unworthy...I thank you, my God. I thank you, O Elder...I am not worthy, my God, of this help."

The scene was very moving. Later she greeted my friend with gratitude and left. The woman had a demon. As she left, she mentioned that the previous night she saw Elder Paisios in a dream tell her: "Come to my grave, and I will make you well." She came to the Monastery and asked where was the grave of the Elder, she venerated the grave, and then went to the bookstore, where the above event occurred...

2. The following is from Ms. L.N.M., a Russian Physician from Moscow: "I suffered an accident, with the result being that my left eye became blind. They brought me to the General Hospital of Moscow. The rooms were full, so they put me in the hallway. That night, I did not sleep at all. I prayed and was very worried. Towards morning, as I was in a state between sleep and awake, Elder Paisios came. I saw him clearly and I recognized him, because I had read a book on his life. He covered my head with a handkerchief and disappeared. At that same instant, I understood that I was seeing from my blind eye. The doctors did not have to do anything. I was kept in the clinic from February 4th to the 11th, 2002...

I thank God for His mercy to me, and Elder Paisios for his help."

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