Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The nature of Love ( Abba Dorotheos of Gaza )

"Let us then possess love, let us possess compassion for our neighbor... Let everyone serve the body (of the Church) according to his ability...Try to always help one another whether by teaching and instilling the word of God in a brother's heart, or by words of consolation when he is sad, or giving a helping hand to our brother. In short, try to be united with each other, because the more one is united with his neighbor the more he unites himself to God.

I will give you an example so you can fully understand the power of this word. Let's picture a circle sketched on the surface of the earth with a circumference and a center. Let's assume that this circle represents the entire world and the point of the center represents God. The straight lines that begin from the circumference of the circle and lead to the center are the paths or the way people carry out their lives.

As the saints journey towards the center, in their quest to reach God, according to how far they succeed to go [in relation to the center], they come in close proximity with God and with themselves. The closer they get to the center [God], the closer they become with each other [much like the spokes of a bicycle wheel].

In the same light you must understand separation [and division]. In the event they change direction and turn back [towards the circumference], it is more than obvious that as they distance themselves from God they also become distant with each other and the more the distance between them the greater the distance from God. Behold, such then is the nature of love. As we stand outside [of the circle] and don't love God the more we distance ourselves from one another.

Translated and adapted by
Constantine Zalalas
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