Monday, March 23, 2015

A recent healing at the Monastery of Ntaou, Penteli

The Holy Venerable Martyrs of the Monastery of Christ Pantocrator, Ntaou Penteli

A nun from the Monastery of the Pantocrator, Ntaou, Penteli (where they treasure the Holy Relics of over 150 martyred monastic Saints, who gave their lives for Christ all together on Great and Holy Pascha) related a miracle that occurred just last week to a group of pilgrims:

A paraplegic boy from Russia visited the Monastery with his parents from the 21st to the 22nd. He had never walked in his life! In his mind he had the thought, however. He was a law student with honors! He venerated the holy bodies of the Saints, and the Abbess crossed him with the Holy Relics and told him: "The Saints have boldness and God listens to them! From you it is asked now if you have the faith to get up and walk!"

At one point, his parents were in the Monastery gift shop, and the boy remained by himself in the Church, when after a short time, he got up, and not just this, but began to run in the courtyard and the other parts of the Monastery! The miracle had occurred! The young man who was healed said that, when he graduates from the Law School of Moscow, he will come by foot to Greece, to venerate at the Monastery!
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