Thursday, October 23, 2014

Do not hope in temporary things ( part 4 )

The pleasures and prosperity of the present world are like a lit wick that remains lit for as long as there is wax or oil to keep the flame alive.  Shortly thereafter, however, the flame is extinguished,
and the only thing that remains is a puff of smoke and a bad smell. Similarly, the temporary things of this life appear beautiful and shiny; however, they end in sorrows and torment, and, unfortunately,
unrepentant sinners will melt away like wax and smoke. 

For,according to the Prophet David, “As smoke vanishes, so let them vanish; as wax melts before the fire, so let sinners perish from the face of God. And let the righteous be glad” (Ps. 67:3-4).

Since the end result of the secular world is so destructive for man’s soul, loathe it with all your heart. Instead, think of your true purpose and the
intention for which God created you. Desire and seek this out continuously, just as all things naturally desire to fulfill  their purpose and
innately run their course until completion.

All the rivers come forth from the oceans, and they ultimately return back to the ocean. The ocean, from which our soul came forth, is our God and Creator to Whom the soul desires to return once more. Thus, the human soul is not content with any worldly thing because God is its ultimate end. This is why the heart cannot be satisfied with anything until it returns to its Creator and Savior.

All the things God brought into existence were created out of love for man: so they can be of assistance to him and serve him; however, He
made man for Himself. God made man to glorify, praise, and respect Him.

God did not create you for the earth but for Heaven. Neither did he bring you into existence
in order to desire corrupt and vain things. The
four-legged animals that God created for the earth have their heads steadily turned toward the ground.

This is all they look at because when they die they
return back to the earth, and this is where their
existence ends. Conversely, O man, you were created for Heaven! This is why you walk
standing upright so you can look at and be reminded of the path that you will take one day in
the near future. The Lord did not make you in order to seize and rule over corrupt and transient
things but to proceed toward the Jerusalem above, to your permanent homeland, to your blissful and final destination, where you will eternally delight in God. 

from the book
The Salvation of Sinners
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