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A Prayer of St. Paisios for the World

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of the World Below is a beautiful prayer, written by St. Paisios the Athonite (+1994), for monastics to pray every evening on behalf of the world. This is meaningful because it underlines that the purpose of monasticism is not for monks or nuns to solely pray for themselves, but demonstrates to laypeople that their goal is to pray for and support the whole world. This also illustrates the great love that the Elder had and continues to have for all those who suffer from any trial or temptation throughout the world. He helped many multitudes of people on a daily basis through his prayer and instructions, and helps even more after his repose. Finally, as mentioned in the short introduction that I have also translated below, this could definitely be a suitable prayer for laypeople to say on a daily basis, helping us to entreat Christ on behalf of the whole world.

The love of Elder Paisios for the whole world is well-known. The Elder has helped a multitude of people, both before and after his repose.

From where did he receive the power to strengthen people, and to work miracles? From his fervent prayer to God.

The following prayer was given to a women's monastery which had asked him for some "typikon" for their vigils in their cells. This is from one of the last years of his life. In this can chiefly found his love for the whole world.

This can be used by each of the faithful, as it covers all cases of people who have need of prayer. Even children can understand it, and it is written in simple words, and thus can be read during the family's evening prayer.

Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Do not abandon Your servants who live far away from the Church. May Your love work to bring everyone near You.
Remember, O Lord, Your servants who are suffering from cancer,
Your servants who are suffering from small or great afflictions,
Your servants who are suffering from bodily disabilities,
Your servants who are suffering from spiritual disabilities.
Remember our rulers, and help them to govern in a Christian manner.
Remember, O Lord, the children who come from troubled families,
Troubled families and divorced couples.
Remember, O Lord, the orphans of the whole world, all those who are pained and unjustly treated in this life, and all those who have lost their spouses.
Remember, O Lord, all those in prison, anarchists, drug addicts, murders, evil-doers, thieves, and enlighten them and help them to be corrected.
Remember all immigrants,
All those who travel by sea, land, and air, and protect them.
Remember our Church, the Fathers (Clerics) of the Church and the Faithful.
Remember, O Lord, all Monastic Brotherhoods, men and women, Elders and Eldresses, and all brotherhoods and Athonite Fathers.
Remember, O Lord, Your servants who are in time of war,
All those who flee to the mountains and to the plains,
All those who are like endangered little birds.
Remember Your servants who have left their homes and their work and are suffering.
Remember, O Lord, the poor, the homeless, and refugees.
Remember, O Lord, all nations, and have them in Your arms, protecting them with Your Holy Protection, and keeping them from every evil and from war. And our beloved Greece***, keep in Your arms day and night, and protect it with Your Protection, keeping it from every evil and from war.
Remember, O Lord, the suffering, abandoned, wronged, and tested families, and richly give them Your mercy.
Remember Your servants who are suffering from spiritual and bodily problems of all nature.
Remember all those who are in despair, and help and give peace to them.
Remember, O Lord, Your servants who have asked of our prayers.
Remember, O Lord, all those who have reposed from all ages, and grant them repose.
From the book, "God is with us, are we with Him", by Orthodox Kypseli. 

***I do not believe it would be impious to also include a special prayer for your country or place of origin.

Icon of St. Paisios the Athonite
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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