Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The mystery of repentance is the greatest and most blessed mystery ( Elder Ephraim of Arizona )

The mystery of repentance is the greatest and most blessed mystery, which prepares us perfectly beforehand for Heaven...

There is no sin on earth which is unforgivable for the person who will repent, and for the God of love Who receives him.

God is pleased and takes rest in the man who repents, no matter how great a sinner he is. Repentance is always open to every sinful person. God desires only the confession of the error. From there forward, all things are perfected. Through humility comes confession, and confession brings purification, and purification brings the vision of God.

The tears of the repenting soul purify the heart, the nous, the soul, the body, the life, the word, and purify more than every expression of man.

Let us never loose home. Even if we fall and are traumatized, let us not loose hope. As long as God grants us life, let this become an approach towards God, for He waits for us. If God were not incomparably merciful, no one would be saved. Our Christ waits for us, we should not procrastinate and put it off.

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