Friday, October 17, 2014

Do not hope in temporary things ( Part 3 )

What the prudent person does right at the onset, the foolish person waits to do at the end. The prudent person looks ahead at the consequences before he commits a sin.

 The foolish person, on the other hand, commonly says, "I wasn't expecting to suffer such harm...," just as the greedy rich man said when he found himself in Hell (vid.Lk. 16:23-24).
Do not look at what the world is offering to you now because every pleasure it has to offer
rapidly races toward death and demise. Do not look at the present, but envision the future. Do not stare at today, but think of what will happen at the end of this life and consider the reality of eternal
Hell. Then you will gladly refuse all of the world's vain pleasures. The sinful pleasure you experience is short-lived and temporary; the punishment that
follows, however, is endless—forever!

 The world has the habit of offering its friends a tasty lunch first, and then serving them a poisonous and deadly dinner. People serve the best
wine at the beginning of a party, just as the master of the feast stated, “Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior”(Jn. 2:10). 

The world’s festivities begin with laughter but end
with lamentation. On the other hand, Christ's
magnificent and delicious meal consists of the exact opposite: He saves the good wine for later. He gives sorrows in the beginning and consolation
in the end, just as He did with the nation of Israel, whom He allowed to suffer and grow weary in the beginning as they traveled through the desert, but to whom afterwards He gave much consolation and fertile land as an inheritance, just as He had promised. 

This is how God also treated Jacob when he was living in the house of Laban, Joseph when he found himself in Egypt, and many other of His faithful servants. The world does the exact opposite: It conceals the sadnessin the beginning
so it can unveil it later.

When you feel as if you are on top of the world, and when you have risen to the summit
of honor and glory, it gives you a strong kick and you come crashing to the ground. It acts similar to an executioner who first makes a criminal climb up a ladder and step out onto a platform, only to,
later, place a rope around the convict’s neck, push
him off the edge,and thus bring his life to an end. 

from the book  The Salvation of Sinners
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