Friday, October 3, 2014

Delivering the soul from destruction ( St. Isaac the Syrian)

As a man cannot remain unscathed who spares his enemy on the field of battle, so the spiritual warrior cannot deliver his soul from destruction if he spares his body. As a child, terrified by some frightening sight, runs to its parents, clutches the hem of their garments, and cries out to them, so too with the soul; for the more she is straightened and afflicted by fear arising from temptations, the more she hastens to cleave to God, crying out to
Him in continual supplication. And so long as temptations persist, one assaulting her after the other, she multiplies her supplications; but once she finds herself again in spacious freedom, she gives herself over to wandering thoughts.

If men who are surrendered into the hands of judges to be punished for their wickedness humble themselves and straightway confess their iniquity
when they come before the scourges-their punishment is diminished, and with only slight afflictions they are released. But if there are among them some who are wicked and stiff necked, who refuse to confess, these are scourged, and in the end they confess involuntarily after many torments. And since their sides are already covered with wounds, they gain no profit from

St. Isaac the Syrian

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