Tuesday, August 26, 2014

His heart is made steadfast by hope in God ( St. Isaac the Syrian )

As a man who drinks wine and gets drunk on a day of mourning forgets all the pangs of his sorrow, so the man who in this world (which is a house of lamentation) is drunk with the love of
God, forgets all his sorrows and afflictions and becomes insensible to all sinful passions through his inebriation.

His heart is made steadfast by hope in God, his soul is as light as a winged bird, at every moment his mind rises out of the earth and soars far above
the heavens through the meditation of his thoughts, and he takes delight in the immortal things of the Most High, his prayer is unceasing, and he is like a man who has the wind for his steed, so that his enemy cannot overtake him.
Every time he seeks him, he flies from

St. Isaac the Syrian
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