Thursday, August 14, 2014

Almsgiving gives rise to many blessings ( Part 3 ) - St. Kosmas Aitolos

Give alms to the poor and console the needy. Give them food to eat... Because, my brothers, the Old Testament states that Abraham was without a child, without any offspring to inherit his belongings, and on account of this he was deeply grieved. What did this blessed man do then?

He built a house with three entryways; within this home he would knead dough and bake bread, and he would offer hospitality to all people who
would pass by daily. Moreover, he had the custom of not eating each day until someone would come by. Only after he offered bread to a visitor would he also sit down to eat. The more alms he gave, the more his wealth increased.

One day the envious devil, not able to tolerate such virtue, did the following. He appeared as a beggar on the road that led to Abraham’s house, and he began saying the following to everyone who was headed in Abraham’s direction: “Where are you headed my friend?” If the sojourner
replied that he was going to Abraham’s home, the devil would respond, “Listen to me. I am a poor pauper, and I had heard that Abraham gives much alms and provides hospitality. I just went his house today, seeking a piece of bread; however, he has nothing remaining any longer (neither bread nor water) because he gave alms unsparingly, and now he has become destitute.

As a matter of fact, he was very frustrated on account of his poverty, and he got mad and
began hitting me...” Consequently, three days went by, and no one visited Abraham. During these three days, both Abraham and Sarah refrained from eating—neither did they eat bread nor did they drink water. During this period, both of them prayed and beseeched God with all their heart: “We beg Thee, O Lord, send people to our home, so that we may offer them some food and give them alms...” What did God do in response? As Abraham and Sarah were sitting and watching for sojourners whom they could invite for a meal, they saw three beautiful young men coming toward their home,who entered their house from the three doors. When they came inside,only one
was visible. With great joy Abraham and Sarah said to each other, “God still loves us! Let’s slaughter the best calf we have available.” Having done so, Abraham went to greet the three youths, who told him, “Henceforth, Abraham, you will be filled with joy, and you will give birth to a son, Isaac.”

Then Abraham went to prepare the meal for them, but when he returned they were no longer there... because it was the Holy Trinity, God Himself, who had visited him.

Do you see, my brothers, the miracle that took place? Do the same if you want God to visit your homes, and if you want to be prosperous.

St. Kosmas Aitolos
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