Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Lord has arranged so that people are corrected by people

There lived one elder priest who led such a holy and pure life that when performed the Liturgy angels came down and stood at the left and right sides of him. He had learned the liturgical rites from heretics and, not being familiar with the doctrines of the Church and out of his simplicity, he was not saying the exclamations he was supposed to during the service.

Once by God’s plan one deacon came to him. He knew Orthodox teaching well. When they were serving the Liturgy together the deacon heard that the elder was saying the wrong exclamations and he told the elder: "Father, what you have just said is not in accordance with the Orthodox faith, but came from the heretics." But the elder saw the angels near him and did not pay attention to the words of the brother. The deacon continued saying: "You are wrong, elder! The Church does not accept this."

The elder finally decided to ask the angels: "Is what the deacon says true?" — "Listen to him: he is telling the truth," — the angels answered to him. — "Why did not you correct me before?" — the elder asked them. — "The Lord has arranged so that people are corrected by people," — the angels explained. Since that time the elder began to say the right exclamations and thanked God and the brother for teaching him. .
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