Thursday, January 30, 2014

" Through our love of Him we are sanctified''. ( Saint Porphyrios )

The Way of Love is the simplest and most direct way to join in union with Christ. Through our love of Him we are sanctified.

Saint Porphyrios says,

Whoever experiences Christ within himself, experiences ineffable things––holy and sacred things. He lives in exultation. With Christ as our lover there is no loneliness. We find peace and joy. The thought of Christ permeates everything. We find patience and have endurance of everything.

Elder Porphyrios says that with our love of Christ even our passions disappear. There is no longer possibility for hatred, dislikes, anxieties or depressions. Not even death concerns us. He says this longing we have for Christ makes even death seem like a bridge what we can cross in an instant to continue our life in Christ We find ourselves in Christ and Him in us.

With our Love of Him there is no longer pain or suffering. Our craving for God, our passionate love for Him, overcomes all pain.

He says

Divine craving defeats every pain, and so every pain is transformed and becomes love of Christ. Love Christ and He will love you All pains will pass away, they will be defeated and transformed. Everything is transformed by this love.

The love of God transforms everything; it sanctifies, amends and changes the nature of everything.

Saint Porphyrios
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