Friday, January 31, 2014

The Fifth Beatitude- Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy ( Law of God )

The merciful are those who have compassion on others, who with all their hearts pity those who have fallen into misfortune or unhappiness, and who try to help them with good works.

Works of mercy are both physical and spiritual.

Bodily works of mercy:
Feeding the hungry.
Giving drink to the thirsty.
Clothing the naked.
Visiting those in prison.
Visiting the sick and helping them recover or preparing them for a Christian death.
Inviting strangers and foreigners and travellers into one’s home and giving them rest.
Burying the dead.

Spiritual works of mercy:
By word and example to convert the sinner from the error of his way (James 5:20).
Teaching the ignorant truth and goodness.
Dispensing good and timely advice to neighbors who are in distress or danger.
Comforting the grieving.
Refraining from returning evil for evil.
Forgiving offenses with all one’s heart.
Praying to God for everyone.

To the merciful, God promises in return that they will receive mercy. In the future judgment of Christ they will be shown the special mercy for the righteous. They will be delivered from eternal punishment for their sins to the degree to which they showed mercy to others on earth (See Matt: 25:31-46).
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