Thursday, December 12, 2013

Toothache ( Elder Ambrose of Optina )

In imitation of one of his predecessors in Eldership, Hieroschemamonk Leonid, Fr. Ambrose sometimes liked to conceal his miraculous help with humorous words or gestures, to divert the attention of witnesses. For instance, a monk once came to the Elder with a terrible toothache. Walking past him, the Elder hit him in the teeth with his fist with all his might and merrily added: "Well done, eh? "Well done, Batiushka," the monk answered, to general laughter, "but it really hurts." However, upon leaving the Elder he felt that the pain had gone, and it did not return afterwards.

Peasants noticed well this characteristic of Fr. Ambrose, and those who suffered from headaches would say to him: "Batiushka Ambrose, hit me; my head hurts."
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