Sunday, November 23, 2014

Do not envy sinful people ( Part 1 ) - Salvation of Sinners

“Do not be envious of those who do evil, nor be jealous of those who work lawlessness; for like grass they shall be dried up quickly”(Ps. 36:1-2),
states the prophet David.

Much injustice and many crimes take place in the world today. And it appears as though they who commit sinful deeds actually enjoy prosperity
and happiness, whereas virtuous and God-fearing people suffer and endure hardships.

However, do not be surprised, dear reader!
You should neither desire to live sinfully nor choose the ways of the wicked. Do not think that such people are fortunate, even though it appears as if society favors them, and that they are enjoying temporary wealth and success.

The prophet Habakkuk wondered about this
very matter: “How long, O Lord, shall I cry out to You, and You will not hear me? ...
Why do You keep silence when the ungodly swallow up the just?” (Hab. 1:2-13). The prophet Jeremiah and others also asked, “Why, O Lord, do
the wicked have such prosperity and good fortune in their lives?Why do bad people receive so many blessings?”

The holy prophets spoke in this manner not because they were unaware that God’s decisions are indeed just and righteous,but rather to reveal to us how much difference there is between God’s 
wisdom and human logic. Man usually does not comprehend God’s judicious and forbearing

God does not dispense sorrows to sinful people here on the earth because He will end up punishing them eternally.
Conversely, He disciplines His friends in order for them to receive greater glory and a more precious
crown in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Salvation of Sinners
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