Monday, August 19, 2013

Two good deeds ( Elder Cleopa )

If you want to go straight before God, you need two walls. Not of brick, or stone or earth, but two spiritual walls. 

Have fear of God on the right, because the Prophet Daniel says, '' With fear of God, man is diverted from all evil.''

On the left have fear of death because the Son of Sirach says, ''Son, remember your end and you will not sin. ''

These two good deeds, fear of God and remembrance of death, deliver man from  all sin.

Elder Cleopa

Give with your heart ( St. Isaac the Syrian )

If you give something to someone who is in need, then let a cheerful face precede your gift, along with kind words and encouragement for his suffering.

St. Isaac the Syrian

Don't be fooled ( St. Nikodemos of Mount Athos )

  Those who have realized how dangerous and evil is the life they lead, the devil succeeds in keeping in his power mainly by following the simple but all powerful suggestion, '' Later, later; tomorrow, tomorrow.''

St. Nikodemos of Mount Athos

Humility ( St. Mark the Ascetic )

When reading the Holy Scriptures, he who is humble and engaged in spiritual work, will apply everything to himself and not to someone

St. Mark the Ascetic
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