Monday, August 25, 2014

Ή ανθρώπινη φύσις (Γέροντας Αμβρόσιος)

 Ό Θεός δεν μας κατηγορεί επειδή πέφτουμε, αλλά επειδή δεν σηκωνόμαστε. Ή ανθρώπινη φύσις, βλέπεις, είναι εύόλισθος.

Γέροντας Αμβρόσιος

A terrible accident has a power to awaken us (Saint Herman of Alaska )

A terrible accident has a power to awaken us to the realization of the existence of various calamities and dangers surrounding us, from which the Providence of God preserves us. At the same time it convincingly persuades us to acknowledge our own infirmity and weakness and to seek the Father's protection and His most powerful defense, which affirms us in the Wisdom and the Word of God, which came down from above by the will of the Heavenly Father under a curtain of flesh like ours, woven by the Divine Might from the Immaculate Virgin, for our salvation. He became man and taught us to pray that we be not led into temptation. This reminds us from what Father we have our existence, and this in turn should make us seek our heavenly Fatherland and our eternal inheritance.

Saint Herman of Alaska

Man is not only reason but also heart (Saint Nektarios of Aegina)

Man is not only reason but also heart. The powers of these two centers, mutually assisting one another, render man perfect and teach him what he could never learn through reason alone. If reason teaches about the natural world, the heart teaches us about the supernatural world... Man is perfect when he has developed both his heart and his intellect. Now the heart is developed through revealed religion

Saint Nektarios of Aegina
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