Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son and Word of the living God, who came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the first, through the prayers of Your Most Holy Mother, of Saint Nicholas and of all the Saints, as You want and as You know have mercy on me the sinner and miserable. I beg You, have pity on me, my Christ. Forgive all my sins, that I have committed by words, actions or thoughts, from my birth until this moment. Forgive all my mistakes and omissions, my ignorance and youth.

O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beg You, protect me from error, from every influence of the Evil One, from my passions and weaknesses. Give me the strength and the will to never sin again. Protect me from sly thoughts, from the love of vain things, from idle talk and the censure of others. Open the eyes of my soul and illuminate the darkness of my mind. O Lord and Ruler of my life, whether I desire it or not, save me. I beseech you, do not let me to be punished me in hell. Rescue me from the fearful view and the awful nails of the Enemy who hates all that is good. My Christ, I never want to be separated from You, from Your blessings and illumination, where my soul is reposed and joyful.

O my Lord, grant me repentance. Call me near You when I am in a good spiritual state, so that I might enjoy Your ineffable Light and Your eternal goods. Give me, by Your ultimate clemency and condescension, the last place in Paradise. O my God, extinguish my guilt and forgive me the sinner. Remember me, my Lord, in Your Kingdom. O my Christ, provide for me; lighten my cross; give me the power to raise my cross courageously and patiently. Do not permit me to wander in roads of perdition; keep me from godless grief; do not leave me to be influenced by the faithless and vain world.

Have pity on me, my Christ, Savior and Redeemer; never abandon me. Give me strong faith, pure prayer, humility and discernment, prudence, chastity, wisdom, piety, contrition, divine zeal to keep Your commandments and unselfish love towards everyone. Illuminate me so that I might recognize my wretchedness, and give me tears to weep for my sins. Give me corporal and spiritual bravery and endurance. Give me courage, hope, optimism, self-knowledge, self-reproach and self-confidence. Fill me with grace and blessings. Through Your assistance, make me Your servant, worthy and useful to You in these days. Utilize me for the salvation of many brothers. Enlighten my spiritual Father to provide for me and to lead me correctly. Let me know good co-workers and spiritual friends.

O my Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy and protect all the Orthodox Christians; enlighten the Greeks all over the world to care for their salvation in eternity through the Orthodox Church. Pacify the entire world and lead the peoples toward You. O my Lord, remember all those who have asked me to pray for them. Lead toward salvation whoever loves or hates me and whoever has wronged me. Protect our Country and the humble people from the enemies and from the Antichrist. Provide for all my brothers and sisters, the widows, the orphans, the young, the poor people, those that have more than three children, and those who are ill or bedridden, whoever is annoyed by evil spirits and all the enslaved of the earth. Illuminate and bless the Orthodox Clergymen and Monks. Grant eternal rest to all the Orthodox Christians who have died from the beginning until today. Remember, my Lord, the souls of my parents and teachers and friends (commemorate some names here).

O Holy Spirit, all-encompassing Treasure of every good and present in all places, the Divine Grace that heals the weak and fills the incomplete, O Good One and simple Comforter, come and dwell in me the sinner; fill me with graces and blessings, and make me Your worthy servant, beneficial in our days. Open the eyes of my soul, illuminate the darkness of my mind, fill my heart with Your divine grace, so that I might be constant in the faith and full of divine illumination.

O my Christ and my Most Holy Virgin Mary! I thank You from my heart, because you brought me on the road to salvation, which rejoices my soul. I thank You for all the goods You have given me, those that I know and those that are unknown to me. I also thank you, my Christ, for all the difficulties that out of love You have allowed me to suffer for the benefit of my soul. For all these reasons, may Your Holy Name be glorified. Glory to You, Almighty Lord. Glory to You, Eternal King. All-holy Trinity, glory to You!
Pray this way every day!
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