Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guarding the conscience.( Abba Dorotheus )

When God created man, He planted something divine into him — a certain conception — a spark that has both light and warmth. The conception that enlightens the mind and indicates what is right and what is wrong is called conscience. Conscience is a natural law. Living in times before any written law, patriarchs and saints pleased God by following the voice of their conscience.

It is in our power to either "bury" our conscience, or allow it to shine within us and enlighten us through our subordination to it. Because when our conscience tells us to do something and we ignore it, or when it advises us to do something and we don’t do it, we burden it or, as though, bury it so that its voice becomes fainter from the weight on it. Just like it is impossible to see your reflection in muddy water, so do we cease to understand what our conscience says to us when we sin consciously. It is even possible to imagine that the conscience has perished. Nevertheless, there is not one human being that has lost his conscience, for it is something divine and can never be eradicated totally.

Abba Dorotheus

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