Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In order for our prayers to be heard by the saints......( Saint Theophan the Recluse )

Have you ever wondered about how the saints can hear our prayers. This is a question that Saint Theophan tries to answer for us using the analogy of a telegraph line,

He writes,

When true prayer–that is, sincere prayer–moves in the soul, then that prayer, by means of the action of the element upon it, flies it has if on a beam of light to the Saints, and tells him what we want and what we are praying about. There is no gap between the time we make our prayer and when it is heard; the only necessity is that it comes from our heart. It is our telegraph line to Heaven. The very same prayers, which are not from our heart, but which come only from our head and tongue, do not produce a ray which rises to heaven, and they are not audible there. Those are not even prayers, but only prayer-like modes.Prayers need to be sincere and said with feeling and not just read as if reading an email. Only those that are sincere are heard according to Saint Theophan. As proof he suggests you notice how you feel after you have prayed fervently. If it was sincere you will feel a calming and an inner assurance that you will be able to cope with what is troubling you. This is the response that comes like the speed of light to a sincere prayer.

Saint Theophan says,

Prayer comes to someone who labors at it, but it will not come to anyone who does not work at it. We see that the Holy Fathers labored a great deal at prayer, and by these very labors kindled within themselves a prayerful spirit.Our thoughts in prayer must reflect a humbleness. Ask always, "if It be you will." Ask always for forgiveness of your failing to act as God has intended. And, always give thanks for all God does give you, knowing that even in times of difficulty He is providing you what you need for you spiritual growth. Keep in mind that your aim is to become one with Him in His Kingdom and that all things of this world are only temporary and means for our becoming one with God.

Saint Theophan the Recluse
Reference: The Spiritual Life, p 84-86
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